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Virtual Tour

SJR National Repair Center

Ready to increase your repair revenue? See what makes us America's repair center of choice.


Follow President Mark Tornello through a full tour of the repair process, from the moment your repair arrives to the moment it ships back to you.


Repairs are received and processed carefully by our team every day. Check out the complete process.


There's no need to worry about the safety of your favorite pieces of jewelry. At SJR National Repair Center, we keep every repair under lock and key.

Stone Pull

If you need a stone replaced, your repair goes to the stone pull office where a replacement is carefully selected from our extensive stock.

Watch Repair

Our team of experienced watchmakers evaluate your timepiece, recommend the necessary repairs and provide an estimate when applicable.

Laser Technology

With state of the art laser technology, even the smallest repairs are performed with the utmost precision.

Repair Status

Repair timelines vary on a case by case basis. That's why our team of account managers monitor your repair's status and report back to you.


Check out the casting process we use here at SJR National Repair Center that allows us to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry at affordable prices.


One of the final stages of many repairs, the polishing and/or plating process brings new life to your jewelry or timepiece.

Quality Control

Before your repair leaves our facility, it must pass our strict quality control standards.

Engraving Center

We use our precision engraving machines to personalize anything from wine bottles to wedding rings.


Your repair is double checked for quality control before being carefully packaged and shipped by our shipping & receiving team.


Thank you for touring the #1 repair center in America! Hear our closing message from President Mark Tornello.