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Tell us a little bit about your repair and where to send it when we're finished.

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Our Services

We offer the full range of watch and jewelry repair needs.


Wine bottles, wooden boxes, rings and timepieces are just a few of the items we can engrave.

Battery & Movement Service

From automatic movement maintenance to battery replacements, our skilled watchmakers do the job right.

Ring Sizing

Whether you're sizing up or down, our professional jewelers can make your ring fit you perfectly.

Insurance Appraisals

We provide accurate appraisals to help you keep your valuables safe.

Stone Replacement

Our jewelers will not only replace your missing stone but also will check your prongs and mounting.

Custom Design

If you can dream it, our experienced designer can make it. Create something one-of-a-kind today!

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About Us

The owners of SJR National Repair Center were formerly employed by Service Merchandise for a total of over 40 years.

When Service Merchandise closed, we envisioned a company that would not only fill the void that Service Merchandise left, but also be a one stop shop for all of your jewelry and watch repair needs. This dream became a reality in July of 2002 when we opened our national repair center, featuring a full line of jewelry and watch repair services in Madison, Tennessee.


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